Lower Eastern Shore, Md. – The deadline for installation of carbon monoxide (CO) alarms in some rental properties is April 1, 2018, and the Coastal Association of REALTORS® (CAR) is reminding the public that alarms are only required in properties that contain a carbon monoxide source.

In 2016, the Maryland General Assembly passed House Bill 849 and its companion Senate Bill 182. These bills require the installation of carbon monoxide alarms for any new and existing rental units that contain any fuel burning equipment or wood burning appliance, or has an enclosed attached garage. They are not required in rental dwelling units that are powered solely by an electric power supply, as confirmed by the Office of the State Fire Marshal in a November 22, 2017 press release titled, “Carbon Monoxide Alarms – Maryland Rental Properties.”

“There is a misconception that carbon monoxide alarms are now required in absolutely all rental units in Maryland, and that’s just not true,” said CAR President Joel Maher. “Unless the unit is located within a municipality that requires alarms in all rentals, the law only applies if said unit contains a carbon monoxide source. We have confirmed this with Sen. Jim Mathias, who sponsored the Senate bill, as well as the Fire Marshal. If there is no source of carbon monoxide, there is no need for a carbon monoxide alarm.”

According to the State Fire Marshal, CO alarms must be installed outside of each sleeping area and on every level to include the basement in a building that contains a CO source. Alarms may be hardwired with a battery backup, or battery powered with a 10-year tamper resistant battery.

“We urge our members and all rental management companies and landlords to abide by this new law and install the alarms,” Maher said. “The absence of an alarm in a rental containing a CO source can lead to serious illness or death. We know the safety of tenants is of the utmost concern to all of our members who manage rental properties.”

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